Social Media Marketing

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Social media networking is today one of the most effective online marketing methods and it is a process of carrying out a fully integrated marketing plan involving social sites. Social Media marketing is one of the most cost effective ways to advertise, connect, engage and Brand your organization. Although it is easy for even a lehman to start advertising on Social Media, the most important thing is the Strategy and the way one measures the statitsics of success and losses.

Through social media networking, business owners now can connect to their target markets directly and effectively and in creative ways too. The growth of social media and social sites have created opportunities for business owners to directly communicate with their customers and on a more personal level. At Red Panda Solutions we use multiple tools to ensure that our Social Media Strategies get you the best results. We do the following Things for you in terms of Social Media Management.

Social media networking without a doubt, is here to stay and with its power and ability to create a community in a short period of time, it’s no wonder why so many organizations have started concentrating their marketing efforts online. Today, businesses and organizations have the ability to narrow down to their target audience, get them into a community and start bridging relationships and communicating with customers and clients. 

Some of the Social Media sites we deal with for you and a glimpse of how we do it.

facebook Marketing

Facebook marketing from Red Panda Solutions will help you avoid common Facebook Marketing mistakes. These include:

  • Use of illegal cover photos
  • Breaking contest guidelines
  • Overposting
  • Laying too much emphasis on likes
  • Using too much text in your updates and comments
  • Focusing Too Much on Likes
  • Posting off-brand and boring content
  • Ignoring insights
  • Being all “vanilla”
  • Failure to use the Facebook Ad option

Twitter Marketing

At Red Panda, we use different Twitter marketing strategies to ensure you Twitter marketing campaign is effective. Here, we will:

  • Optimize keyword use
  • Help you build valuable connections since gaining followers is not enough
  • Use such tools as Summify and Hootsuite to increase the effectiveness of your campaign
  • Write tweets about your blog posts
  • Synchronize your Twitter account with your LinkedIn, YouTube, and Facebook account

Google Plus Marketing

Google+ has an impressive number of members, despite the fact that it was established just a few years ago. At Red Panda Solutions, we will help you maximize on your campaign. We will help you:

  • Showcase your videos and pictures
  • “+” one ideas that are likely to change everything
  • Add your company info
  • Add people who are relevant to your profile
  • Exploit the Google + technology and rank high

You Tube Marketing

The Red Panda Solutions YouTube marketing campaign could help you video go viral. We will help you come up with a quality video and we will post it on YouTube on your behalf. We will help generate the transcript and any other content that is required. If you have several YouTube videos, we will categorize them. We will help you brand your YouTube channel and we will help you build subscribers through annotations.

LinkedIn Marketing

At Red Panda Solutions, we will help you not only get as many connections as possible, but get connections that are likely to help your career or your business. We will help you:

  • Set up your profile
  • Create a products/services tab
  • Encourage your connections to recommend your products/services
  • Post status updates
  • Add a “follow company” button to your website
  • Integrate LinkedIn with other social media sites