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How much do you usually spend on your Offline Advertising Budget if you have to show your Ads on Bill Boards, Hoardings, Transport Systems, Public Places, Theatres or any type of Print Media Ad? Well to surprise you we know your answer, but the main question is how do you know if the money that you have spent is targeting the right Audience? Also, how do you measure the people who have seen your Ad in the first place or how many of them actually got converted after seeing your Bill Board Ad!

Trust us even your Offline Advertising agency would divert from giving you the answer to the above questions. The only way you can find all of the above is through Internet Marketing which is one of the latest trends popular among people of all ages with around 30 Billion Searches happening annually on global search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

What is Internet or Digital Markting ?

Internet Marketing is a way of Marketing your Brand in such a way that it reaches your target consumers. It can be further classified under Organic way to reach your consumers through the internet and Paid way to reach your consumers.

Organic Way !

This includes doing Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Management, Viral Marketing and Email Marketing. In this process one would have to focus on building the brand in such a way that it creates popularity or high ranking over the search engines. This happens if you promote your Brand through Internet Mouth Publicity (We just made this term up actually! It basically means Viral Marketing) . Here the Brand and its quality lays an important role and is hugely based out on genuine mass building and supporting the brand. It has its own rewards as once the Brand is established one would hardly need to spend on Paid Advertising and moreover Organic Ranking and Popularity is FREE, one does not have to pay for it as it majorly depends on the Posts, Content, Images, Ideas and dedication that you put in. All the above mentioned have tools and ways to find out about the Target Audience and insights about the type of Target Audience you have earned.

Inorganic or Paid Marketing

This includes, running Ad Campaigns – Pay Per Click (PPC), Search Engine Marketing, Pay per Impression (PPI), Display Ad Campaign, Paid Email Marketing on Obscene Databases and Social Media Ads. This type of Marketing or Advertising is more premium and has great ROI as you get to target the Ads based on type of audience you want and you get to know the analytical data about the internet behavioural pattern of your audience. In less than 50-60% of the costs required for Offline Ads you can run an Internet Campaign for over 90-120 days as compared to running it for only a few weeks over the offline media.

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